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As you may have guessed from the text at the top of the page, my name is Karen, and like to fancy myself as some kind of artist-type person. I have quite the fondness for both game design and animation, and storyboarding makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I received my BFA with a concentration in animation from William Paterson University, and later went on to study game design at Camden County College. I currently reside in the Philadelphia suburbs (on the 'Jersey side) where I am working as art director on my second Nintendo DS title for Island Officials.

In the little free time that I have these days, I enjoy drawing, watching cartoons, and playing video games. And toys. I like toys. I collect figures and plush toys, which I consider to be amazing little 3D works of art. (If the animation/game design bug didn't catch me first, I often wonder if I would have become a toy designer...) The current love of my life would have to be LittleBigPlanet, which I imagine was made specifically for me, as it combines my love of beautiful 2D-style platformers with my love of adorable plush-like things. Plus, it has a meerkat strip club. You just can't go wrong with that.

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