Dream Disease Apocalypse

There’s always talk about the end of the world, but no one really expects it to happen. It’s like your birthday or summer vacation, perpetually on the horizon. But the end of the world IS coming. I know it. I’ve seen it. It’s not the wrath of a vengeful god or retaliation from nature, our demise will come by our own hands. The end of the world is a man-made event—at least as it appears to me. And if it can be unleashed by man, then it can be stopped. I’ve told others about what I see, dark and disturbing, but they say it’s just my imagination or a terrible, vivid dream. They humor me. Why I’ve been chosen as the conduit, I don’t know. But I know there are people in the world who can help, I see them in my visions, too. I just don’t know who they are. Or if they’re real. Do they see me too?

There are powerful forces at play in the world. We can’t see them because they don’t want to be seen. There’s no benefit to them in raising awareness. They give us the facade of self-control, but it only distracts us from what’s really happening. Up to now, that might have been fine. We’re content and subdued, mesmerized by the shiny things around us. But darkness is on the horizon. I’ve seen it. It’s inescapable.

At first I thought it was just a nightmare—a series of them, actually. I was haunted by my own troubling thoughts. Impulses I’d ignored. But what I’ve seen is too specific, and has no connection to my own life or thoughts. It’s becoming more vivid and precise. And the chaotic fragments are starting to make sense.

Life as we know it will end, and not in a pleasant or abrupt way. It will be slow and painfully drawn-out. A virus unleashed across the globe, leading to unimaginable pain and suffering and death—and it will be no accident or natural occurrence. The shadow powers are putting a plan in motion. They want to wipe out humanity to benefit themselves and start over with a clean slate. Only billions of people stand in their way, totally unprepared to defend against them. Nations and borders and armies won’t be able to stop them. Yet the perpetrators will be safe.

There is some, small hope, which is why I’m putting this out to the world. I believe I am not alone in experiencing these disturbing visions. Within them, I feel a connection to others. Their faces are foggy but they’re there, subliminally or just outside of my peripheral vision. The man with the eyebrows. The watching man. The blue eyed doctor. Others my age, possibly? Might they be able to help stop these nightmares from coming true? Will they find me or must I find them?

I don’t know much about my past. I suspect there is something unusual (supernatural, otherworldly even) in how I came to be. And if so, I have to think I’m not alone. I sense there’s a powerful reason we’re being drawn together, though I don’t know what yet. (Do you see me in your visions like I see you?) The threat is real, and if we have some special calling, how do we stand up and act?

The fate of everything we know and love is at risk.

11 thoughts on “Dream Disease Apocalypse

  1. Find her! Let your visions guide you! Find the blue eyed Dr! I think together, you can make sure these visions don’t become reality.

  2. there are powerful people watching our every move — you must be careful and thread on these beliefs lightly.
    i wish you all the best of luck. keep us updated!

  3. Yes, there are more like you…similar things happened to more people like you.

    I also feel like I was part of the doomsday event in one way or another.

    There are many similarities.

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